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Welcome to the Linn County Master Gardeners Association

Cultivating Gardening Knowledge and Healthy Plants


Our Mission

Linn County Master Gardeners Association is comprised of dedicated certified master gardener volunteers committed to educating the Linn County Community through in-person events and educational online content. Our mission is to cultivate knowledge and growth, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for gardening and its impact on the community and the environment.


Gardening Tips

Gardening tips, learning in our demonstration garden, articles, calendars, and reference links - covering everything you need to know about gardening in Linn County.

Pollinator Info

Support Pollinators in your garden

Linn County Master Gardeners are known throughout Oregon for their work with the Blue Orchard Mason Bee. We support all pollinators in our gardening efforts as well as current focus on managed native species: Blue Orchard Mason Bees, Leaf Cutter Bees and Osmia Aglaia Cane Berry Bees.

Native Plants

Include Native plants in your landscape

Native plants are an important part of preserving biodiversity.  Learn planning, planting and maintenance of natives plants in your garden/

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