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About the Linn County Master Gardeners Association (LCMGA)

LCMGA is an association of master gardener volunteers dedicated to educating the Linn County Community through in-person events and online educational content. Our mission is to promote environmentally sound, research-based gardening practices to help individuals and communities grow.


Our Program

The OSU Master Gardener Program is an Oregon State University (OSU) Extension Service program that educates Oregonians about the art and science of growing and caring for plants.  It also facilitates trained volunteers to extend sustainable gardening information to their communities through education and outreach programs.

“The mission of the Linn County Chapter of the Oregon Master Gardener Association is to assist Oregon State University Extension Service with the dissemination of research-based information pertaining to gardening and home horticulture to the residents of Linn County and the State of Oregon.

Our Board


The Linn County Master Gardener‘s Association board members are all master gardeners in addition to guiding LCMGA master gardener members towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, research-based policies in alignment with both the Oregon State Master Gardener program and the OSU Extension Service for Linn County; and by making sure the nonprofit LCMGA has adequate resources to advance its mission.

Betty Goergen, President

Melissa Selby, 1st Vice President

Amanda Scott, 2nd Vice President

Robin Keeton, Treasurer

Ann Capps, Secretary

Ann Kinkley, OMGA Rep

Janice Gregg, OMGA Alt Rep

Rich Little, Member at Large

Karin Magnuson, Member at Large

Patty Basey, Member at Large

Diane White, Member at Large

Nancy Messman, Member at Large

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